Hello and welcome to the Minnesotamade Vacations sequence exactly where we'll be investing the much better component of a month getting acquainted with some nearby artisans. If you're new right here, be certain to glance over the introductory post to get up to speed on what's taking place and check out other interviews. If you're a returning reader… Read More

What about wear and tear? Strong wooden will mark. Time period. If you're going to get pressured about dings and scratches forget it. Unless you want to put socks on your dogs and make your house guests put on slippers! It's a natural item and will create a 'patina' more than time. Individually I adore rustic grade solid wooden, as it's starts out … Read More

Our journey went very easily, thanks to Dave Saunders at LondonGolf who arranged the whole thing. He did a spectacular job and, in common, everything went as planned. We did discover some things along the way that may be of help to anyone else interested in making the journey to golfing's mecca. In no specific order.Foreign Cinema is a San Francisc… Read More

Flooring colours, styles and kinds have changed over the years. In Cleveland, houses that have been bank owned or not taken care of have noticed better times. Justine Guzowski, owner of Vinyl Masters Transforming and Floor Business, a Cleveland area flooring contractor has noticed the developments arrive and go. When looking to change out any floor… Read More